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How much is it for delivery?

Delivery is free to metropolitan and country customers Australia wide.

How often should I flush out my cooling system?

We recommend every 12-18 months you do a full cooling system flush and replace the coolant. It is also
highly recommend that you flush the system prior to installing a new radiator or if you have your current radiator serviced.

Why do you recommend using Deminirilized water instead of just water from the tap?

Water straight out of the tap is high in minerals which can lead to corrosion of the radiator and other parts within the cooling system.


If you are still unsure or would rather a different method there are pre-mixed coolants available.
Tectaloy has a 90 plus formula which is 33% anti-freeze/anti-boil.
Tectaloy 100 plus is a 50% anti-freeze/anti-boil formula.